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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Other Related Issues

Can a landlord deny pets?

Yes. It is up to the discretion of the landlord to determine if pets are allowed in the complex.

Can a landlord deny a Service animal?

No. Service animals are not considered pets, but are generally regarded as a "reasonable accommodation" for a disabled person. A landlord cannot discriminate on the basis of a physical or other disability and must generally grant reasonable accommodations so that disabled persons can use and enjoy their housing if a link can be established between the condition or disability and the accommodation.  

Can a landlord restrict two people of the same sex from sharing a bedroom?

No. A landlord may not.

Can a landlord deny a person a unit based on his/her credit history?

Yes, as long as the landlord uses the same, neutral criteria for all applicants.

Can landlords advertise a vacancy in a foreign language only?


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